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Add US Bank account to Canadian paypal account

Am I able to add a US Bank account to my Canadian Paypal Account?


I often carry US balances in my paypal account, and would like to transfer money to a US bank account I have so that I don't lose exchange...

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Re: Add US Bank account to Canadian paypal account

country: USA
routing number: 026004093 
bank name: Royal Bank of Canada
account number: the full number that appears on internet banking for the account, which includes the bank transit number


**acount number should be 0*****4******     (transit+account#)    

all e-Saveings accounts start with 


The routing number is for New York City RBC, dont use the routing number that RBC in Canada gives you as it won't work. All clearing has to be done by a US Bank, which is why it is NYC.


This works only with a RBC USD$ e-Savings account. The transfer is only from PayPal to RBC. If you with to fund PayPal with US$ then open an RBC Access USA account.



 EDIT: you cannot add CIBC, ScotiaBank or TD e-Savings USD accounts from Canada.

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