A thief taken our money


Someone named Monzr hacked into our website again and replaced our paypal email within PayPal integration code by hisAs a result this person receiving our money. This Thief  did not change anything else in our website, just changed paypal email within PayPal integtration code as a result it was not so easy for us to detect this thief's actitivity. As client paid into his email address through our website, thats why it was not easy for our clients too that they are paying to a thief. Last time we found one this thief received one of our product's payment. This time I have found already two purchases went to this thief's account. One of our client already opened a dispute and communicating with PayPal to get his money back from thief. 

We have been using PayPal since 2004 and we were always being a loyal user of PayPal. So, expecting PayPal to take some immediate action against this thief and permanently ban this thief from using PayPal to steal someone else's money.



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