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what the **bleep**

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what the **bleep**

paypal seriously do your damn business and if people have personal transactions like personal sending and stuff stop holding money, im someone you dont want to **bleep** with if this doesnt get resolved BY MONDAY any **bleep** holding transactions and stuff......

This will be taken to the highest court outside of what your high up has access to, im the dangerous one i see so many complaints all i gotta do is compound the data send it to right authority on the black deep end waters, then youre done shut down for GOOD so make it right or you're going to be exposed and all over the news and in COURT exposed 

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Re: what the **bleep**




Its down to how the payment was SENT to an account.

1. If sent using money > goods / services option then paypal would see the recipient as a seller and apply the new seller hold. They would also charge a fee.

2. If sent using the send money > family / friends option then the recipient would have the payment instantly (as long as it wasn't an echeque pending with a clearance date) with no fee if funded from a bank account or balance (a fee if you use a card). (However that option is not available in every country).

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