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transferring refund from my paypal credit account

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transferring refund from my paypal credit account

Hi just received refund to my paypal credit account and want the money.  How do I transfer it to a linked account I have on line.  There is nothing to transfer under the paypal credit only the regular paypal account.  thanks


Re: transferring refund from my paypal credit account

I do not think you will see it under your PayPal balance thus you can’t withdraw. If you got refunded to PayPal credit it will reflect only on your PayPal credit balance. You can’t transfer PayPal credit to bank account. PayPal credit means you can spread the costs over certain amount of time but you have to actually buy stuff. PayPal credit is not actual money. I assume your further PayPal credit payments will be reduced by the amount you have been refunded for. If that was your only one purchase with PayPal credit and you already had paid off part of instalments your refund will be refunded back to your payment method linked to PayPal credit.
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Re: transferring refund from my paypal credit account



You can generally expect a refund to appear on your PayPal Credit account within 7-10 working days of the date the merchant processed the refund. Merchants have varying timeframes for processing refunds for returns.

To see refunds online:

  1. Next to PayPal Credit on the left side of the page, click Details.
  2. Click See statements. To see refunds that posted on a previous statement click the desired statement date.


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