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shipment delivered , payment still shows pending

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shipment delivered , payment still shows pending

Hello, I delivered the ordered item, it is showing 'delivered' on dhl tracking, I have filled the form in my Paypal account entering the tracking number.

I still see after 24 hours 'payment pending'. It is 2000 euros, earlier I used to get under 1000 euros per transaction, this is unusual, but order is verifiably delivered.


How long I need to wait? This is one good reason to pay no to Paypal forever at the ridiculous fee + forex rate I am being charged


Re: shipment delivered , payment still shows pending

Hi @deepti70,


Thank you for your post and welcome to the Community Forum!


In general, when you receive a transaction for Goods and Services, funds may be placed in your Pending balance for 21 days. This is practised in the effort to provide a safer and protected online payment environment for both the buyer and seller. This process helps to prevent losses, by keeping your money secure. It also makes buyers feel safer and more likely to return and purchase again. If the amount is not automatically released 24 hours after the delivery, it may be that the tracking number used does not belong to an integrated carrier, or that the transaction is considered high-risk. In that case, the amount will be held for 21 days. 


I hope this helps!