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request check be mailed to home address


request check be mailed to home address

I have spent the better part of 2 days trying to get a paper check mailed to my home address.  I literally have 10 pages of chat notes between many reps to try to resolve this issue.  I have linked my credit card, verified home address multiple times and still no way to request the balance on my account be mailed to my home address in the form of paper check.  I have been told I HAVE to provide my bank account info or sign up for a pay pal CASH CARD.  

I have received paper checks in the past with no issue.  


Here is the final response:

Thank you for your patience in waiting for my response. We have checked and found that the linked account ending in <Removed> is a debit/credit card. There is also another way of verifying you account if you don't prefer to link your bank account or it is not available. You can apply for PayPal cash card.

see notes below


To get the assistance you need, please follow this steps to get a PayPal Cash Card specialists:

✓ Go to

✓ Click on "PayPal Cards"

✓ Choose either 'Business Debit MasterCard" or "PayPal Cash Card (Debit MasterCard) whichever product you have

✓ Choose the description that best fits your reason for contact

✓ You will be presented with some articles that relate to your suggestion but, below the article, you can select "Email Us"


10:35 AM

- Caseylene

Messages are worked in the order they’re received and we’ll send you a notification to your app, PayPal account, and email you when we reply. Thank you.


Is there any way to get the balance of the account mailed to me in form of paper check?





Re: request check be mailed to home address

Hi @rochte


I could understand that you are looking to withdraw funds as a check which need to send to your residential address. Please follow the link and scroll down to the bottom for the steps on how to get check.