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"We can't complete this transfer right now"


"We can't complete this transfer right now"

"We can't complete this transfer right now" this message always shows after attempting countless times to withdraw my PayPal balance to my debit card (this has been going on for a few days now). And because that did not work out, I tried adding another debit card, but to no surprise, it did not work either. Customer service wasn't any help at all; they keep sending me automated messages unrelated to my problem. Can't contact them either because I'm not from the USA.


Any help is appreciated. Thank you!


Re: "We can't complete this transfer right now"

Hi @samanthadrm


Sorry to hear that you're having an issue withdrawing money on your account. 


It sounds like our security system could be impacting the transfer. This can happen if you have a new account, if you have recently received this money, or if you have recently added the card attempting to withdraw the money. The best advice we can give is to attempt the withdrawal at a later time. The longer the money sits on your account, the more our system will trust the money being withdrawn.