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"Add tracking infomation" Errors


"Add tracking infomation" Errors

So i had sold an item on eBay quite a while ago and the item was received by the buyer and i had received the money. All good, but PayPal is still prompting me to add tracking information even though that was already added by eBay automatically and i had also tried to add manually before but of course, the tracking number was already being used in that transaction. 


I cannot even click the box to say "no tracking needed" as it still throws an error that cannot be processed and it has been stuck like this for some time. 

Is there any way to remove this prompt from PayPal or can someone manually investigate this? It seems to be a bug in your system that even though it doesn't seem to be detrimental to transactions, its very annoying. 

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Re: "Add tracking infomation" Errors

I'm also having a similar issue where I can't switch the tracking info to 'Processed'(I do digital art commissions, so no need for tracking info), it would just show a "Technical Difficulties" prompt & send me back to the payment details page. I still can't change it up to now, even after I've given my client the artwork already days ago.