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paypal stole $5000 from me


paypal stole $5000 from me

this is the complaint that i submitted to

"Company has denied me access to my $5027 with no explanation or recourse. They have effectively stolen $5027 from me.

I have had a paypal account for 16 years and have conducted many transactions.  Never had any problems, no complaints against me, no issues.  On 7/9/2019 I attempted to transfer $4500 of my funds into my bank account and received the message that it could not be done at this time.  I then selected to have a check issued for the same amount and this request was also denied.  I tried subsequently on 7/10/2019 and 7/11/2019 several times to do the same.  I spent many hours between 7/9 and 7/11 on the phone with their customer service and was basically told that the system has blocked the transaction - the "transaction" referring to my $5027 - and that this was permanent and that there's no way for me to transfer that money to my bank nor to receive a check. I was basically told that there is nothing I can do to transfer this money out nor to receive a check. 


My account has been in good standing for all 16 years, my address and bank account have been verified, there have been no complaints against me.  No matter how hard I try, I can't get anyone to resolve this or even look into it, and as I say, I was told by customer service that there is NOTHING they can do and no way to have this investigated, escalated to any department, NO way to get this resolved.  So basically, paypal has stolen $5027 from me."


in addition to what is outlined here, it was suggested that i link another bank account to my paypal account and try the transfer that way.  i tried that - and paypal will not allow me to link another account either.  not only has paypal stolen $5000 from me, but now i can no longer do business on ebay because - well, why would i?  if i can't get to my money, it'd be rather foolish for me to sell more items only to see my money go into a black hole where i can never get to it again.  I URGE EVERYONE NOT TO DO BUSINESS WITH PAYPAL!!!  i have read MANY similar horror stories.  paypal will steal your money and leave you no recourse.  paypal, it would appear is a scam.  i have reported them to the state of california and my next step will be to take legal action against them, take them to court. 

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Re: paypal stole $5000 from me



If you can't withdraw it then can you 'send' it to another account for someone to withdraw for you? 

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Re: paypal stole $5000 from me

thanks, but that's not an option for me.