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my money

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my money

I bought an item that was never delivered so I received my money back into my pay pal account. Now they won't release the money back to me. PayPal says that they wanted to keep it for 21 days and now, they say that I am new and they need to see a sale history from me. I am not a seller only a buyer so what do I need to do to get my money released? thanks!


Re: my money

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I am sorry to know about the payment hold on your account. I know how important it is to have funds at the right time. Whenever you receive the payment via goods/services you’ll have access to your pending payment after a maximum of 21 days, to ensure a safer and secure environment. If you want to avail the funds on your PayPal account, please check this article to know how to have your funds released sooner.  


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Re: my money



Sounds as if the seller used the 'send money' option and NOT the 'refund' option and so paypal saw you as a seller as they used the goods/services option.

The seller should have used the refund option OR if over 180 days then the 'friends/family' option.


Personally as the seller can raise a dispute against your refund and get it back again as they sent it as goods/services then i would open a dispute for non receipt of item and escalate to a claim, then if you get a proper refund you can then refund the goods/services payment she sent you. 

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