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#my accountverification


#my accountverification

Added a prepaid AMEX debit card to my account info. I cannot transfer money from my PayPal account to the debit card. Talked to a PayPal customer rep and she said I need a bank account. Problem is I recently had my identity stolen and I thought maybe PayPal might be a way around having my bank account and credit cards raided. I had a hard time understanding the customer rep. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Don't want to get a prepaid MasterCard or Visa debit because of the monthly fees.

Re: #my accountverification

Hello @trace16


Welcome to our Community Forums! I'm sorry to hear your identity has been recently stolen, I can imagine how scary that must have been. We may have some options for that should work for you. We do allow transfers to debit cards, but they must be a Visa card attached to a physical bank. We don't normally allow transfers to a prepaid debit card. If you're trying to receive funds into your PayPal account and use those funds on a debit card, I recommend looking into our PayPal Cash Card. Here's a Help Center article that details the benefits and how to apply for one: What is the PayPal Cash Card?


Best wishes! 


 - Jon K

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