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money lost between accounts

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money lost between accounts



I transferred some money to my PayPal account yesterday morning, but the amount is still not there. Probably because I didn't put my ID in the comment section of the transfer. Since now it's too late to make the purchase I wanted, I'd like to have my money back. But it's not on my PayPal account and it's not on my bank account. How can I get it to either of these destinations? 




Re: money lost between accounts

Hi Zozo2 and welcome, 


If you have made a payment to your bank account and you have left out some information when doing this it may be that your bank is unable to locate the correct account to add it to. When this happens your bank will generally return the payment to your PayPal account. It can take a few days for this to happen. If you are concerned you can always call your bank and explain what happened and see if they may be able to locate the payment for you. 


I hope this helps and thanks for posting,