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have been charged twice after inssuficient funds


have been charged twice after inssuficient funds

Hi, I recently made a payment for an eBay purchase. Payment was to be debited from my bank account (31.90 euro). Transaction was declined due to inssuficient funds . I logged into PayPal the other day to see that my PayPal balance is negative. I transfered the money from bank account to rectify this. However today I checked my bank account again and the money has now been debited from my bank account. So I've essentially been charged twice for the same payment.
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Re: have been charged twice after inssuficient funds



Yes, PayPal will still make multiple automated attempts to debit the money even if you added money to try to zero out your PayPal account or if the recipient decided to refund the transaction in the interim so in the future if your bank account is ever insufficient, only add money to your bank account and let PayPal debit your bank account again.


Do not take the extra step of adding money to your PayPal account or you end up paying twice and possibly get more overdraft bank fees. What will happen now is you’ll end up with the extra payment in your PayPal account.

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