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dearly needs help

New Community Member

dearly needs help

Hi, so i never had used paypal before and recently signed up due to a transaction that is being made needs paypal since different currencies 

theres couple of enquiries and problems arised and would greatly appreciate it if anyone could help


1) why when withdrawing my paypal balance funds to my bank account, it states 'sorry but we need more information'

2) what is the difference in business and personal account? 

3) is it compulsory to get charged when im transferring usd to my currency in my local bank account? seems to get charged a slight bit

4) is there any better alternative to contact paypal help like skype ? since the number i cant dial in as its overseas


Re: dearly needs help

3% conversion fee.

link a credit card/debit card to you PAYPAL account/

PAYPAL has customer service in Singapore.