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assign a nickname for bank accounts and credit cards?


Re: How to change bank name for selection purposes

PayPal don't listen to their customers, been trying to get this done for years! They are not interested! Wish there was another provider.😟
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Option to add a credit card description is lacking



In my account I am using 2 mastercards, it would be nice if I could add a description to those cards (eg Personal, Work). This way I do not need to remember which of the card numbers belongs to me personaly / my work.




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Re: assign a nickname for bank accounts and credit cards?

I see I'm not the only one who wants this. I have multiple cards with the same bank, and the specific reason I only use one of them with PayPal is that it lacks a card nickname feature. I'd probably use the service more if I could nickname them.


Change bank name?

Good day!


I have two bank accounts linked to my PayPal account that are nearly identical (same bank and same number except for one digit) and it can get very confusing. Is there a way to change the names of the linked accounts? Some searching seems to indicate that you used to be able to, but not anymore. PayPal, I would love to be able to give my accounts and cards aliases for ease of use!


Re: Change bank name?

Been asking for this for Ashbourne 4 years now, don't think PayPal listen!