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assign a nickname for bank accounts and credit cards?

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Nickname for accounts and cards



I searched to see if there is a way to add a nickname to the various cards and accounts linked to the PayPal accounts and from what I see this is a feature that has been requested for a while and the last significant update was from a moderator @PayPal_AshleyM (below)


Can PayPal provide an update as, as far as I can see, this feature has been requested for a few years now!!


"Thank you so much for all your feedback and suggestions regarding this feature. I definitely understand everyone's request to have this implemented! Although this isn't something PayPal has currently, we're always looking for ways to improve each user's experience. Your voices regarding the need for this feature is definitely being heard! We'll update you here if this is added at a later time. 


Edit 11/15: Just for clarification, I understand that this feature hasn't been created, therefore this topic isn't technically "resolved." We mark responses as a solution to ensure they float to the top of the thread and that anyone who accesses the thread can view the message. I apologize for any confusion regarding this, and I can guarantee this is still being monitored and requested per your continued interests in this feature. Thanks for your patience!


- Ashley M"

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Payment methods

Is there a way to change the nickname for different payment methods? I have multiple accounts linked and I can only tell them apart by the last 4 digits of the account #. You’d think that you could name an account something that was easy to understand.

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How to rename a register bank account under my Paypal account

I have two different bank account registered as "payee" under my Paypal account. They are both from the same Bank, and called the same way. How can I rename both?


Re: How to rename a register bank account under my Paypal account

Come on. You'll have to understand that this is a very complicated issue and it's only been five years and 20 pages of requests for the issue so far. Paypal can't possibly have resources to listen to you. Where would that money come from?


Re: How to rename a register bank account under my Paypal account made my day. First chuckle of the day is always good. 😛 




Years later ... still not solved. And still falsely marked "solved"

This topic is still falsely marked "SOLVED".  It is not solved.  When you click on "Go to Solution" there is no solution.


Re: Years later ... still not solved. And still falsely marked "solved"

PayPal...where you at? 


It'll be the apocalypse and PayPal will reaffirm, "We are taking a serious look at implementing this feature. Thank you so much for your continued feedback and engagement at PayPal Forums."

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How to change bank name for selection purposes

Is there any way to change bank name? I have two bank accounts linked to make payments toward PayPal balance. They both state the same name. Many other credit companies allow me to "nickname" the account for ease of distinguish. Is there a way to nickname the bank accounts?


Re: How to change bank name for selection purposes

Yes, of course there is, but PayPal is still seriously considering implementing this... for the past 4 years.

Re: How to change bank name for selection purposes

What a load of BS. My bank for whatever reason has the unique identifying info in the beginning of the account number instead of the end. So when I go to transfer funds to my bank for various purposes, I see accounts that all look identical because they are all the same bank and same last 4 digits. Impossible to ensure that the money goes to the right account for the intended purpose. I hit the support chat and was told tough tittie, no possible way to address this problem. Got told to have the bank change my account numbers instead. 


So disappointed to see that people have been asking for this for FIVE YEARS but still no solution. Obviously people want and need this? Why is it so hard? There is literally no way for me to tell my bank accounts apart for transfer purposes. That is a problem!