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Yeehe, iYeehe, China wire transfers

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Yeehe, iYeehe, China wire transfers

I recently chatted with a partner from a game translations company named Yeehee in terms of becoming a freelance translator for Yeehe (the website is called 'iYeehe'). Upon discussing payment methods for completed projects, I was told that since that's a China based company, "there are certain restrictions on PayPal and exceeding this will lead to the account being blocked for a time, so using PayPal in China isn't all that convenient and will sometimes lead to late payments"and that payments are completed only via wire transfers directly to bank accounts. I need to ask if anyone in here knows anything about that, if this is valid information about PayPal or if this is some kind of scam to hack bank accounts, etc. I could use all the feedback I can get. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you in advance.
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Re: Yeehe, iYeehe, China wire transfers

Hey, did you try? I applied to this translation job as well and I was wondering if is it a scam or someone to tell me it isn't