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Withheld money and they lies paypal tell


Withheld money and they lies paypal tell



Today I went to withdraw money from an ebay sale that came through and yet again for the third time in a row Paypal has witheld my money for a 'security review'.


After the second time they told me this was purely random but its not at all and they have lied every tiome I have spoken to them about this and continue to hold my money for 12 hours.


I can imagine they do this to a lot of people now and must be a nice little earner for them.


Useles company now - I will be looking for other ways and means of managing transactions from sales 


Re: Withheld money and they lies paypal tell

So now its 5 times in a row




Is this a record??

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Re: Withheld money and they lies paypal tell

Hi @G007


We're sorry for any frustration the payment review have caused. 


As a security measure to protect our sellers, we review potentially higher-risk payments. When this happens, we place a hold on the payment within minutes of it being sent and ask the seller not to deliver the item/service associated with this payment. The payment will appear as Under Review in the recipient’s account. We aim to review the payment within 24 hours of placing it on hold. 


I hope this information helps!


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