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Withdrawing Funds


Withdrawing Funds

I started a Go Fund Me campaign to assist workers in the events industry affected by the virus..
PayPal was the main way of people making donations.
I already had a PayPal account so I used it. PayPal advised I needed to upgrade to a Business account, so I did.

Donations have come in. Obviously, I wanted to distribute the funds as soon as possible.

I have a bank account and associated visa debit card linked to my PayPal account.

Yesterday, I was successful in withdrawing P2,500 x 2 and P4,500 x 5 (all 7 using the "Instant" option). Then it stopped working. I sent PayPal an email. I tried again today but still not working ... and still no reply to my email.

I added my husband's visa debit card to PayPal (we have a joint account). I was successful in withdrawing P4,500 x 2 using the new card (both using the "Instant" option). Then it stopped working.

I cannot even transfer the account balance to the PayPal account of another one of the fundraising team.

I have tried using the "Standard" option, my visa debit card, my husband's visa debit card and, lastly, the bank account option. All 3 failed.

I tried calling PayPal. The automated system did not cater for my "issue". I failed to reach a human being.

I don't know what else to do. All this money raised in good faith, and it cannot be distributed to those in dire need.

What else can I do, other than hope PayPal received my email and reply to it or fix the problem?