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Withdraw funds from paypal to wells fargo

New Community Member

Withdraw funds from paypal to wells fargo

Hello! I have my PayPal account blocked for months. They didn't offered any reason in fact, beyond a supposed " suspicious activity", and that they did not want to offer me more their services. They have withheld my money for almost three months, and a few days ago I received an email saying that finally "I am eligible to withdraw my funds from PayPal". Now, I only see that I have a choice to withdraw it to a Bank of America account, but I don't own an account there.


I only have a Wells Fargo account from a colleague, and I really urge my money, because it's my college savings. I had to register on Monday, and it is this date and I have not been able to do it because this problem.


¿ Can I actually withdraw my funds from paypal to wells fargo?


¡ Thank You !