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Where to find my account

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Where to find my account

I want to add link with my debit card but it decline What to do.?

Re: Where to find my account

Welcome to South Africa life.


Paypal isn't supported too well in Africa in general. You'll have to look for a bank that can get you a card that supports paypal (Try focusing on cards that prioritize or work with USD as main currency). 


Your card will decline every time, which means you can't link it with PayPal until you find a proper bank that can do that. So, sorry dude. Ask around with your friends or local banks to see if you can acquire said cards.

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Re: Where to find my account



Paypal is fully supported in South Africa, the only difference is that they have to withdraw funds to an FNB bank account.




Read the link for how to add your card and the link in that for troubleshooting why you can't add yours.

Are you sure you have funds on the card for the confirmation process?


However if you want to withdraw funds post back for how to add the only eligible FNB bank account.

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