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Where is my money?

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Where is my money?

Hi I got a problem. I changed my email of this account before but i forgot to update my paypl account information on my airbnb. now two payments from airbnb guests have come to my old account address. so where is the money now?

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Re: Where is my money?



If its the old email address then if you still own it then 'add' it to your paypal account as you can have up to 8 on the 1 paypal account and the funds should show, if not then................

You need to contact your buyer(s) and ask them to see what it says in their paypal accounts either:
1. Pending / Unclaimed with a cancel option.
2. Pending / Unclaimed.
3 Completed.

If its:
Pending / Unclaimed with a cancel option.

Ask them to cancel the payment but tell them that it will take a few days to go back to their funding source. Then get them to use the "send money" > Goods/Services option and pay to your correct email address or send them a money request. 

Pending / Unclaimed.

If there is no cancel option then the buyer will get their money back automatically 30 days after paying.
Again they may not want to pay you again until they get their money back so you may need to cancel the transaction for them.


If its completed then come back for more advice.

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