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Where did my bank account go?!?!

New Community Member

Where did my bank account go?!?!

I've had my bank account linked to PayPal since I started the account, all of the sudden I go to pay for some things and it's *gone*, poof, no longer an option??  Happened 9/3 or 9/4/2020.  I can still pay with CC, but why is my bank account suddenly gone - and with no notice?


I can go add it again, but now you have some 3rd party company involved I'd rather not have to use, and if I don't it's 24-72hrs wait to restore the account *that had been there for a decade until now*.  


Seriously tempting me to just cancel PayPal and switch to just using my CC directly if this is how it's going to operate.


Re: Where did my bank account go?!?!

yea just discovered this evening on Sunday the 27th. wonder if this was wrapped up in their latest new terms of use agreement?