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What a mess. Please help with suspended payment trouble


What a mess. Please help with suspended payment trouble

Long story short: I regularly use Paypal, so I asked my nephew (I'm in Italy, he's in France) to make a Paypal account in order to send him some cash. He did and I sent the money, but his registration was incomplete and the payment is currently suspended.


He linked both his card and bank account, but verified neither. Today he did verify the bank account at last, but it's still not enough to un-suspend the money. Is it necessary to verify the card, too? It wouldn't be a problem for me, but he's having huge trouble for some reason.


Also, he **bleep** up account type: he registered it as Professional, while he's not really a shop. I really hope this doesn't hinder the procedure any further. Basically, do we HAVE to verify the card and if we do, will it be enough to finally move the cash to the bank? If not, will he be able to deny the payment and send me back all? Thanks for any help.