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We can’t confirm its you


We can’t confirm its you

Cant link any bank. Had issues more than 1 month. “We can’t confirm its you” I dont know what is problem. Tried 3 banks but same problem. Called PayPal and they told me their security system blocked my action and need wait 24-48 hours to refresh system and try again. They always told me try after 48 hours, try, try, try ...... 😕
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Re: We can’t confirm its you


Have you added a bank account before?
Are you adding a bank account or a debit card?
What error message are you getting?
Have you verified / confirmed your bank account/card?
Is the bank account in exactly the same name as your paypal account name?
Is the billing address of any card the same as your paypal address?

Are you adding a U.S bank account to a U.S paypal account and are you a U.S resident?

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