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Various fee deduction


Various fee deduction

Where do I find what is the fixed deduction fee when someone sends me cash through PayPal? I have been receiving various amounts of payments through PayPal and each time the deduction fees varies , also note each sender's currency is the same as I use but we don't live in the same countries. Why is the deduction fee different each time they send me cash? Also, the rule for my country is that PayPal holds my balance until the first of every month then they automatically transfer my balance to my card which also comes at a fee! So you see that's double fee from just one sender's payment!! PayPal can you please give me explanation to what's going on with these double fees you're taking from me? Thank you kindly.
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Re: Various fee deduction



Legal bottom right of this page > select your country from the drop down list > user agreement > FEES.

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