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Vanilla Visa Gift Card

New Community Member

Vanilla Visa Gift Card

I have a Vanilla Visa Gift Card, I had added it to my current PayPal account to try transferring the Balance into my PayPal balance, but I couldn't so I removed it, but when I tried adding it to the wallet of an old account, it says the card is linked to another account but it was removed, any help to link the card would be appreciated.


Re: Vanilla Visa Gift Card

Hi @Austin1994


I'm sorry to hear of the trouble linking the card to a different account. A card can only be linked 3 times to PayPal. If you've linked it more than 3 times, you won't have the option to link it to another account. If it hasn't been linked to PayPal 3 times, I recommend checking the account again to ensure it has been removed. 


I hope this information helps!


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