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Twitch Donations from Viewers


Twitch Donations from Viewers

Hello, I am trying to understand this situation here in regards to 'On-Hold' status funds and how I am able to resolve them.


I am a Twitch Streamer/Content Creator and I have been doing this for a long time. My community is very small despite how long I have been doing this. But recently some people were generous enough to help me in my cause in this trouble times. Most of the 'Donations' that I received were close friends that I have with Twitch and they have full consent or very willing to give their money to me.


The issue that I am having is that recently it got to a critical point in my finances and I was hoping  that I would be able to receive my funds sooner than waiting for 21 days. So, I have another viewer donated me a small amount that they gave me and tried to test that one out to see if the other options of receiving funds would make it quicker, like, receiving it withing 1 day. I monitored it but as I saw it was still on the 'On-hold' status.


I was wondering if there would be any way of me having the funds to be transferred to my account ASAP? I need to help my Parent's Medical Bill to be paid. I would appreciate anyone here who has any information or who were in similar situation as me when starting off with Twitch and Twitch Donations. Thanks!