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Transfer method issue


Transfer method issue

Since the INSTANT method (1% fee) of withdrawing money became active in my account, I cannot use anymore the STANDARD method to transfer funds to my bank account.


Even if I select the STANDARD method, PayPal account redirects me automatically to INSTANT method (where the fee is 1% of the transferred sum). I need to be able to use STANDARD method again as the INSTANT method has a higher fee and the transfer is NOT instant (I need to wait more than 30 hours to have money in my bank account).


Did anyone had this issue? Many thanks!




Re: Transfer method issue

Hi @zdvo,


Welcome to the forum and thank you for your message. We are aware of this problem and are working on it as a priority. Please send an email through the Secure Message Center of your account, including the transaction ID's of these withdrawals. If the fee you paid is higher than it should be, the team will look into offering a refund. 


Apologies for any inconvenience,