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Time to Rectify the Unfair 21 Day Hold !!!

New Community Member

Time to Rectify the Unfair 21 Day Hold !!!

What other merchant do you use that holds your money for 21 days or is some cases longer??


This has been going on for YEARS. 

Protection should be EQUAL for the buyer AND the seller.

Instead business owners and sellers sell a product, pay to ship then have to wait 3 weeks to get paid. 


I understand the issues, Fraud, protection and all that BUT this needs to be RECTIFIED TO BE MORE REASONABLE.


I'm sitting on a payment where tracking that shows delivered 6 days ago. MONEY STILL FROZE. So don't buy into the whole "provide tracking and your money will be released within 24hrs of delivery confirmation. PayPal is obviously doing something shady. Doing it well too considering they keep getting away with **bleep** people. 






CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT?? and/or All of us with complaints join together and start an internet campaign to force attention to the matter? 

Shall I even say the word DOX? Either way It's time businesses like PayPal start to appreciate the people that provide their income. Without me and you there is NO PAYPAL. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. 


Anyone else feel the same way??