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The PayPal / Ebay immense stupidity on linked accounts!


The PayPal / Ebay immense stupidity on linked accounts!

I sold a computer on Ebay, so far so good, but for my despair, buyer can't pay!

When I tried to figure out the issue, my account was linked perfectly with mine that uses my personal email address. I'm not understanding the issue, I had an. account linked to my wife, its a bad idea because when I closed it, for some reason Ebay still persists that the old account are the valid!

My current account have the information about my bank account and credit card, the closed account had none because I removed everything, I know PayPal locks accounts when you close them so I wiped out any sort of relationship.

My main account now can't become the main account solely, even tough I closed my wife's account previously linked.

Why does PayPal just remove this feature? It causes pain in customers, they clearly can't implement it correctly, linking accounts in general is a terrible idea because of problems like that.

My current account is up, running, no limitations whatsoever, but for very stupid reason, I can't use it on ebay!