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Service or virtual product ISSUE


Service or virtual product ISSUE

Hi Paypal, It's been going on for 5 days now, I've been selling a virtual product. So every time I get a payment, I always click:


1. "Get your funds"

2. Service or virtual product Doesn’t need or not planning to ship

3. Choose order status "Completed" and mark the service completion date.

4. Wait for 7 days.


But now, I cannot go to step 3. It's been giving me a DEAD/BLANK page. It's not only me, I know a lot of people having the same problem right now, It's been 4 days, since March 25, 2021 I know you will say, clear cache/cookies etc. But no, it's on your end, it's on Paypal's end. I tried using desktop/laptop/mobile and it still have the same problem. Like I said, it's not only me, I saw a lot of comments in youtube about this problem since 4 days. Please help me, I will attach the video link as the proof,