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Sending Payment always denied

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Sending Payment always denied

Its my first time to use Paypal. I do not have a bank account so for me to able to withdraw my money I have to send money from my PayPal account to my wife's paypal account, then my wife will withdraw the money to her bank account. Unfortunately, I keep on getting an error, sending money to my wife's paypal account did not push through. I tried several times but still transaction is not complete. I really dont know what to do. Please help!!!

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Re: Sending Payment always denied

Have you thought? maybe you have gone over the Limit? sometimes there is a Limit of how much money you can send in a day or weeks or months. I heard there is a Limit of people you can send money to people not sure if they changed that to Unlimited. they had it set for Limit for maybe corruption prevention to prevent people doing crimes.


so here is a Solution you can get a (Paypal Bank card) when you call them ask them to provide you with a Bank Card I use that for when I take out Cash out of an (ATM) i'm still Old School I like my money under the Mattress so the wife don't get it. 😂 


I'm thinking you might of have gone over the Limit in Giving the Wife Money you passed a certain threshold $$ that could be the reason to why? it keep rejecting your wife's account when trying to send. or make sure you have good internet connection make sure your WIFI or Cell phone Data still has some left.


if you are old school like me & have internet around the house wall? use that & a computer & not the App I don't like App's. but if I was you? call Paypal & get your own Bank card they will give you one & it don't charge a service maintenance fee of $4.99 a Month & you just keep adding money like you always do by going to the store.