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Seller's Holds Not Released 48 Hours After Delivery?


Seller's Holds Not Released 48 Hours After Delivery?



As a seasoned Seller for years, I had a spike in sales, and PayPal stated I was now a Risk to them, and they placed Holds on my ebay sold items.


I had 3 sales at $1000 each, provided tracking, delivered and no complaints by the buyers.  2 were delivered 48 hrs ago, and 1 was 24 hours ago.


Yet, PayPal has Not cleared payments so I can buy more items needed.


I followed PayPal guidelines, but how do I get PayPals attention, as it seems very hard to get any person reply and contact them.


Why don't PayPal's system seem to release my money back to me?  Do they keep higher payments longer, so they can profit more or what is going on?


Thanks for any advise how to get any real PayPal person to help me.  Automated system is one closed never ending loop and bottomless pit, what seems like no actual person to help in customer service, and 99.9% run by automation, that can not help.