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Removed bank account.

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Removed bank account.

So I complete removed a bank account from my payment methods, and replaced it with a new one, because I got a divorce and I’m not using the old joint account. I didn’t know that I had to go in and individually remove that bank account from every automatic payment that has been set up! I use PayPal for a lot, so there were a lot! Now I have returned check fees at the old bank. This is the most ridiculous thing. If I completely remove an account and replace it with another, it should replace it for the automatic payments also! I’m so upset! I’m out over $100 because Of this crap! I know PayPal isn’t going to care about one small customer, but I’m angry and am probably going to remove PayPal for a lot of my payment methods.
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Re: Removed bank account.



When you set up subscriptions YOU choose a funding source,

If you choose Bank A as your funding source then why would paypal use Bank B unless you changed those subscriptions to allow them to do that? 

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