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Receiving payment into my bank account

New Community Member

Receiving payment into my bank account

Good day sir. I want to sell eBooks with my site. After setting up the website through WooCommerce I then tested it by purchasing one of the products myself. Within 8 days after the purchase I only received notice of the transaction from Paypal but the cash paid was not credited to my bank account and the eBook I paid for is yet to be seen in my email address. Please can you link me up with your team of internet SEO experts  to assist me check on my site to ensure that it has been properly set up to enable:

  1. Buyers get their products immediately after payment
  2. That my bank account will also get credited immediately, thereafter
  3. Make amendment(s) to the site where necessary to perfect it. Thanks and God bless for your much anticipated assistant.





Re: Receiving payment into my bank account

Hey there @erasmusewere


I recommend contacting your website designer for assistance regarding your product delivery. PayPal will not be able to initiate or assist with delivery for your goods and services. 


When you receive a payment from a buyer/sender, it will be placed into your PayPal balance. PayPal does not have a feature to automatically transfer funds to your financials when you receive a payment. Here's how you can transfer money from your PayPal balance to your bank account. I hope this helps!


- Jae