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Problems Withdrawing money to my bank account

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Problems Withdrawing money to my bank account

Hello Guy


Am having a problem and Paypal doesn't want solve it. Am hoping one of you can help me or guide me to solve this, so here is the problem: I have my bank account registered in here since last year, no problem moving money between Paypal and my account, until May 2018, now everything i try to withdraw money to my bank account i get this message:

"We are unable to send withdrawals to this bank, please add an account from another bank."


So i tried to remove the account and add it again, and i get this message:

"Sorry, you can't remove this bank account because of a pending transaction. Please try again later."


And finally tried to add another bank account last friday, am still waiting for the confirmation deposits.


Does anyone knows how can i fix this problem? i want my money back and paypal email bot keep sending me here or the FAQ site.


Thank you all,







Re: Problems Withdrawing money to my bank account



Try this alternative PayPal withdrawal link.


You could also try using a different browser.


Are you able to transfer funds from your bank into your PayPal account? If you haven't, you could try adding funds into your PayPal account from your bank and then see if that re-enables the ability to withdraw to your linked bank.



Re: Problems Withdrawing money to my bank account


Your link not working, redirect to summary


I am also trying withdraw my funds from my limited paypal after 1 year, and  i have same error

I call and agent can't help only ask me wait wait wait

I am very tired