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Problem with Bank confirm...

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Problem with Bank confirm...

Hello everyone!I am not so good in english so forgive me for my mistakes!I tried to put my bank into my paypal account and after 2 hours i removed the bank in my account because i didnt received the 2 amount that suppose they will send me..But they send me the 2 amounts but i cant send them back/confirm it bcs i removed from my account.Really weird situtation and i dont know what to do 😞 . Please help!

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Re: Problem with Bank confirm...



People who say forgive the bad English explain their problem better than people who do not say it. lol


Your English is great and I can understand your problem. 😮😉


Have you tried to add the bank account back to the PayPal account? If it doesn't let you add the bank account back to the PayPal account to confirm then you will have to call customer service and ask them to reset the bank account and fix it:


Log on, click HELP on top menu, scroll down to click CONTACT US, and then scroll down to click CALL US or other contact options.


Or contact via social media:

Facebook (Greece):

Facebook (US):

Twitter US: @AskPayPal

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂