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“Please enter a valid date” when linking debit cards


“Please enter a valid date” when linking debit cards

When I try linking a debit card, I cannot continue with the process because when I get to the field that asks for my card expiration date, I am told to “use a valid date” before I even finish filling out the field. Of course, my card’s date is in the “mm/yy” format...for instance (*not* my actual exp. date, just an example): 05/21, but PayPal tells me this is invalid...even though PayPal specifically says to use a “mm/yy” format. Looking this up has produced results of people using weird full (mm/dd/yyyy) card dates based on European formatting or something, and this sounds like a nightmare to me because, again, my card date is only given as a month and year. Help with this frustrating issue would be great, so I can actually get my earnings. Thank you!

Re: “Please enter a valid date” when linking debit cards

I have this problem right now and cannot add my credit card. Saddens me to see that nobody even bothered to reply to you, and that this bug is still not patched a year later.