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I’ve tried sending money to someone and it’s showing in my account as pending. It has already gone out of my linked bank account. When I asked her if she got the money I sent her she said this... “I am not sure, when i click on it,it says its there and then it opens my account and says its empty. Maybe i am not doing something right?” Anyone know what’s going on and how to fix it?

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Re: Pending



Is there a cancel option?

Have you checked the email address you sent it to and made sure there wasn't a spelling error?

Were the funds sent in another currency.

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Re: Pending

There isn’t a cancel option on my end. The email seems to be correct and currency is the same. She’s seeing I sent her money but when she clicks on it and goes to her bank account it’s not there. I think this must be happening on her end with her bank account. I tried sending her money a few months ago and in my activity it said canceled although I never cancelled the money I sent her.