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Pending transfer to bank

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Pending transfer to bank



Does anyone know why it is taking longer than 1 business day to xfer funds from Paypal to my bank?  All it's telling me is that it is pending.  When I click on it, it simply says one business day and the schpill of taking longer during the weekends and after 7pm.  However, it's been since Sunday, and we are now on Friday, nearly a week later.  Any clue?  I've contacted Paypal via email, however, they are never any help in resolving my issues. 


Re: Pending transfer to bank

I have had this problem for 3 + years i am sick of complaining. You would have thought they would have more respect for  12+ year business account holder, every single bank transfer from paypal takes up to 3 days 'pending' held for review. After speaking out to some of my suppliers and other companies it seems to be a big problem which paypal never give a straight answer on and many have stopped using paypal for this reason. I myself have made four recent formal complaints and they have all been ignored and if i call paypal i get the standard ' they cannot do anything about it as its a security check, system generated. What  joke of a bank, i cant even start a thread on here or the facebook page as i am blocked from previously asking why this is happening, silenced?

Plans are taking place to highlight this problem on the media so paypal better step up and fix my account or give me honest answers, i am forced to use this joke of a bank by ebay otherwise i would have left 11 years and 11 months ago.