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Pending transactions / remove checking account and bank


Pending transactions / remove checking account and bank

Numerous fraudulent transactions have been taking place over the last two years. My checking account and debit card are linked to my PayPal account and I can't remove them. Every time I try to remove the funding source, I get an error message stating "you can't delete this account while there are pending transactions." I deleted all of my automatic payment recipients from my account, so there should not be any future outgoing payments scheduled. What other transactions could possibly be pending? Why aren't these transactions showing up in my account if they are "pending?" I should be able to delete my funding sources no matter what. Even if I did have a pending transaction, the word PENDING means IT HASN'T GONE THROUGH, so just cancel the freaking transaction. If someone was sending me money, send it back to them. If I was purchasing something, cancel the sale. It doesn't seem that difficult. Why can't I view which transactions are pending so I could handle them appropriately? I should be able to monitor outgoing payments from one screen. It can't be that difficult for PayPal to create a "transactions scheduled to automatically be debited" page or something.

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Re: Pending transactions / remove checking account and bank

Same problem can't remove bank account says theres payment pending but there's not can't close paypal either sick of this crap how can I get rid of it