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Paypal is unable to do their Job!


Paypal is unable to do their Job!

I have money on my Paypal account that I want to receive. Paypal askes me 100 times to verrify me, what I died. But it never works. After sending a Mail and making pressure, they told me, that they deleted my account ! They never informed me about, no communication, nothing! I am used to this, because its our times, that no international company has a functioning customer-service. I could not afford to work so **bleep**ed up in my job as a lawyer! Today my banc told me, that Paypal and The Banco Nacional de Costa Rica have no contract anymore! Not my banc not Paypal are informing me about, that they finished the contract. That would be an act of communication and they cannot communicate with their customers. 


I have now money on PAYPAL that I want to have. But Paypal is only able to send stupid computer-generated mails without helping content. Maybe the only way to get my money is to go to write to a prosecutor in the US and blame them for betraying me. Or to go to an insolvency court and tell them, that Paypal seems to have no money to pay their customer? We dont need artificial intelligence in this world - Natural would be fine! Saludos, Mathias  

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Re: Paypal is unable to do their Job!


You can't withdraw funds in your country.
The only exception is you can add a U.S bank account to other countries paypal accounts. This is because Paypal is a U.S company.

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