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Paypal illegally holding money

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Re: Paypal illegally holding money



The law suit was for holding funds AFTER 180 days for permanently limited accounts and NOT for the new seller hold >>>>>>>>>>>>

You should never use paypal for an item that is to be collected or personally delivered as you have 0 seller protection.
Your buyer can collect the item and then file a dispute for non receipt of item. As you would have no tracking number to prove delivery of the item to him then you may lose the dispute. (However with a large collect item you should be ok).

That is why Ebay give you the option of 'cash on collection' and you can state in your decription that that is the only payment you will accept. If a buyer pays with Paypal then you are allowed to refund that payment and re-state 'cash on collection'.

That way you have cash in hand / no wait / no fee / no risk of a dispute.

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Re: Paypal illegally holding money

I had a case where i sold an item, delievered it and the buyer put the money on hold and I never got it. I wrote to paypal, send all the evidence about the delivery and correspondation with paypal and they ignored it. 10 days after the buyer invented a new sale of other product, made fake documents and fake correspondation with. I alerted paypal that this is fraud and criminal activity and fraud and asked them to send me this fraud documents that they block this user what i could easily prove. Nothing happened, they didnt believe me. I will never do any sales again here, just wanted to spread the word here and ask if anyone had a similar experience and can advise me sold this. I lost my money and time, but maybe i can help someone else to avoid a fraud like this here. My protection as seller here in this case was 0%, no support or cooperation to solve this case from paypal at all