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Paypal holding money for more than 45 days

New Community Member

Paypal holding money for more than 45 days

Hello fellow Paypal users,


I'm here today asking for what i can do after more than 10 phone calls with Paypal customer service (German, International and even in Arabic (Language of the buyer) and more than 20 Email.


Today is the 47 days since Paypal has been holding 94.55€ i "received" from a person i work with (not the first transaction and not the 10th, we've been working together for more than 7 years). 

The money is for a service (Moderation, since the person is a Twitch Streamer) and also for goods, i handed him a headset i brought from Germany and didn't want to get paid in local currency, so asked him to add the money to the normal payment and send it to me through Paypal as usual.


Since then, Paypal has been holding my money for "security reasons" , the "buyer" did 4 emails explaining he did get the service he asked for and also the Headset and on the other hand i also confirmed that it went good with the buyer to the customer service i spoke too 10 times at least.


Now, after 45days+, i need this money and i don't know what more i can do to get it, i asked them to refund the money to the buyer and choose something like Wester Union to get the money, but they refuse to do so and are holding the money for no logical reasons.


What do you think i can do more ?


Re: Paypal holding money for more than 45 days

Hi @MeLaw,


Welcome to the PayPal Community.


I am sorry to know about the payment hold on your account. I know how important it is to have funds at the right time. Whenever you receive the payment via goods/services you’ll have access to your pending payment after a maximum of 21 days, to ensure a safer and secure environment. As the payment is held for more than 45 days, I'd recommend reaching out to our Customer Support by clicking on the contact option at the bottom of the page on our website to avail the funds on your PayPal account. They're also available through Twitter direct message or Facebook private message. 


I hope this information is helpful. Thanks for your patience during this time.