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Paypal account keeps looping+ no links are working - CONCERNED.


Paypal account keeps looping+ no links are working - CONCERNED.


Now, you are making me a little more angry, all due respect..Your site is relatively easy to navigate and everything you provided in your response, I have already tried - when clicking on my bank (or, any bank for that matter) I get the following message: Something went wrong We couldn't link your bank. Try again later. Try Again" Trying again DOES NOT WORK as I keep getting the same message! Upon trying to actionize the transfer money option and clicking on said link, YOUR site loops to the following message: Thanks! You’re all set Your money is now available in your PayPal balance. You can send it, spend it, or just keep it as a cushion against the unexpected." I have been requesting assistance for over a week now, I believe, and I keep getting back (pardon me) cookie cutter 'what does the book say to do' assistance when, clearly, what I need is TROUBLESHOOTING. Also, please explain why no one is available to speak with online - after going through the process on your customer service line an automated message comes on telling us there is no one to assist - yet, you still have my money locked into your system. All due respect, but please stop insulting my intelligence. I believe that I have been more than patient here - we both should be able to agree to that. Please have someone call me or email me or troubleshoot these matters because what has been done so far has not, respectfully, been acceptable. I would like to resolve this matter at this level without having to escalate the issue. Thank you

11:22 AM


The inability to access my funds has already cost me.  Please resolve this technical issue. Thank you.