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Paypal Law Onto Themselves

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Paypal Law Onto Themselves

So after using this Paypal account for months and 1000's in transactions... today I had a payment made to me like any other, i withdrew money whilst at a garage for payment of fuel... nothing was in-'Payment Pending'... now I know the usual guff about 'up to 72 hours yada yada'...but i am well past all that and my transactions are in straight away-like, immediately...not this time, 'pending'. So.... to try and push through, withdrew the rest...same again. 

I knew something was up on Paypals end as the way the message was coming up, so after ringing round people to get funds to pay for fuel at the garage, I rang Paypal...since then i have been so irate that I cant quickly enough close all business and personal accounts associated with these gangsters (another thing they dont let you do straight away).

So the 'Advisor' from Paypal realised she had someone on the line with obviously a better understanding of the company she works for and the usual 2-72 hour script wasnt going to work, I wanted answers...what did it come down to??...

"Some people have made personal payments to you through the 'Friends & Family' payment tab, and thats whats being investigated, so any withdrawals will be stopped"... I know.... ABSOLUTE GANGSTERS.


So, Paypal woill do their usual and take, take, take, charging away at people etc.....once they get a sniff of a person sending a payment and theyre not getting their cut, they shut YOU down...

Now, there is a few huge 'bad practice' processes here that they think their 'grey area' will get them away with...once this is written, im doing a bit for a Business publication here on this is all going in...

So... Paypal 'customers' arent MY customers, they are theirs. THEY offer THEIR customers the service and options for whatever way payments are being made. THEY (paypal 'customers') have agreed to whatever they agreed to. I havent told anyone how to make payments to me rather than sending the emnail address the account is linked to.....directions straight from Paypal. Hence, if they have ANY issue with THEIR service, they should be looking at themselves as doing this (holding peoples money) will resolve literally NOTHING!

If this was a High street bank doing this theyd be dragged over the coals, because really, who the hell do you think you are?

The next point will be alarming for people and will (hopefully at this stage) lose even more custom for Paypal than what theyre already set to lose from our accounts (Business & Personal) that we have in Ireland here being closed down (off course we have to wait 72 hours to do so...., similar to literally NO OTHER COMPANY), is the tax end of things. As I know, whats happening here with these holds is a greedy way that huge companies **bleep** the smaller businesses over and scrape every last penny they can out of things instead of providing a good, clear service... some people will see it as Paypal helping Governments monitor people making payments with each other and if they didnt trust you before, certainly wont now.


The last point i want to make and is really the reason im so angry about youe terrible, terrible business practices. Is that you tell no one anything. There is no prewarning this is going to happen. I have a friend transfer money to me and you simply take it! Thats what has happened here. Its been stolen and will be returned 3 days (apparently) later... WHAT OTHER SECTOR IN LIFE DOES THAT HAPPEN?

The 'Advisor' even tried to fob me off that 'you would have received an email telling you this would happen', little did she know i had the laptop out and nothing... whats the point in having me link 3 telephone numbers to the account if your gonna email? Again, screams untrustworthy business practices.


I have already asked the 'advisor' to put a note on the account that when they do what ever lies they have to do, to close the whole thing down. Have to sit now and redo website away from this madness. Side note (you probably know as your monitoring everything), me and my family have several accounts with yourselves, we have over a half dozen business pages and this hasnt happened with ANY of them, there will be however EVERY last one of them being switched to another service provider as the excuse "I totally agree and understand but cant do anything for 72 hours"...with your OWN system.. is simply, madness.