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Paypal Holding Money For No Suitible Reason


Paypal Holding Money For No Suitible Reason


Since 1 year we have been having a good record on paypal. We did not have more than few chargebacks, we did not have so many cases. the cases we had, we solved nicely considering the customer satisfaction.

We recently started having more sales and suddenly paypal decided to hold our funds. It is obvious we are a legit company who puts a hard work, and this hold will effect or business badly. 


We got more orders than we expected, but we are shipping them maximum in 2 days. And we are not dropshipping. We have our warehouse where we ship the products directly, and we have good record.

Paypal should understand which companies they are working with and should help the growing businesses. This will only make us cancel paypal and use another payment system.
I hope we get solution for this asap.


Re: Paypal Holding Money For No Suitible Reason

Hi busraguler,


Thank you for your post and welcome to the Community Forum! 


In general, these hold may happen if you have just started selling using this account, if you have experienced a change in your sales or for security reasons. PayPal may have placed the payments you receive in your pending balance as a practice to provide a safer and protected online payment environment for both the buyer and seller. 


If you shipped within 2 days as you mentioned, you can provide the tracking number in your transaction details and the payment will be automatically released after 1 day from the delivery of the item. The buyer can also confirm the reception of the item and the payment will be immediately released. 


I hope this helps!