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Payment on hold

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Payment on hold

I have two transactions on hold that I have been paid for , I sold two puppies and this is how I was paid , however the money has been on hold for nearly three weeks , I can’t speak to anyone , I updated the “shipping” info and it says I will receive once verified , but I have no idea how long that will take , and I have tried the PayPal messaging and it just says your estimated release of funds is . It doesn’t say anything , I can’t speak to anyone and don’t know when I will actually receive it and have had no updates or replies
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Re: Payment on hold



Personally i would not have used paypal for items collected as you would have 0 seller protection.

Why not cash on collection then you would have no fee either.


Try marking the transaction as shipped in the PayPal transaction details, and that may open up the capability for your buyer to go into the transaction details on their side, and acknowledge receipt of the puppy. That may allow the payment to clear more quickly but if not you may have to wait the 21 days.

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