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Payment on Hold


Payment on Hold

I borrowed some money from my friend for emergency case and now it's in hold. I am standing at the end of death. Sure Pay pal I will suicide with posting your company for taking unusual activity. We are humans waiting for payment to close EMI's debts all things. I will wait today if i didn't get the money by today sure I will share my death messages in all social media platforms that you are cheated me and I will suicide. 

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Re: Payment on Hold



Sadly as the friends/family payment option is not available in your country (i don't think) then all payments are seen as goods/services and you may be subject to the new 'seller' hold as per link.

With payments received for tangible goods Paypal would request valid tracking information confirming the item has been delivered to the buyer. As they can validate the tracking information online, once it is delivered they can release the funds. If you have received the funds for a gift then no tracking number is applicable and Paypal would be unable to release these funds any sooner than the 21 days.

HOWEVER If you mark the transaction as processed then the sender may have the option on their account to mark the transaction as delivery/satisfied. If the sender confirms this by clicking on the "Confirm Receipt" button, the funds may be released to you sooner. This is not always guaranteed. 
If not then sadly its 21 days.


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